ZoomBucks Review : Is ZoomBucks Legit Or a Scam?

ZoomBucks Review

Welcome to my ZoomBucks Review.

ZoomBucks is another (Get Paid To) GPT website that offers ways for it’s users to earn money via a number of different ways. It is a Canadian based company and has a 48 process time for payment redemption’s.

Is ZoomBucks Legit?

ZoomBucks is a legitimate online business where people are able to earn money by completing a variety of different tasks, including completing surveys, offers, watching videos, listening to radio, sharing links on social media, playing games and through their referral program.

How Does ZoomBucks Work?

ZoomBucks works via a point system, where ZoomBucks points are assigned to each task that is completed and once completed you accrue said points. Once you earn enough points you will be able to redeem these points for either cash via Paypal or Bitcoin or you can redeem them via Giftcards.

How Do You Make Money With ZoomBucks?

Here’s a quick list of some of the tasks that you can complete to earn points. Some tasks will be worth more than others for example, completing surveys can range from 40 to 4000 points. The points are largely determined by the company who wants the data.

Answering Surveys

– These are often easy to answer survey questionnaires.

Completing Offers

– Most of these offers are straight forward and some can be rewarding like signing up for free trails like Netflix etc.

Watching Videos

– Yes, you can make money watching videos. The videos are lame, and in most cases you have to watch them for a set period of time.

Listening To Radio

– As it states, you simply sit and listen to the radio for a set amount of time.

Social Media Sharing

– Share links via social media.

Playing Games

– The games are pretty basic, but it’s just another way for you to make money.

Referral Program

– ZoomBucks has it’s own referral program which allows you to invite others to participate in the program. The amount of points you earn per referral is dictated enlarge by the country you are from. The amount earned is very small.

Sign Up With ZoomBucks

Like most of these types of GPT websites the sign up process is super easy. You need to either provide them with a valid email account or you can sign up through Facebook.

To complete the process just look for the confirmation link in your email, click it and you’re done.

On completing this process you will be given 200ZB (ZoomBucks points) as a bonus of completing the sign up process.

ZoomBucks Point System

The point system is also pretty easy to work with as well. Every 1000 ZoomBucks points is equivalent to $1 dollar.

How Much Can You Make With ZoomBucks?

Not a lot to tell you the truth haha.

Probably not the funny if you’re reading this, but in essence, you will probably earn $0.50 per hour which is not a helluva lot for an 8 hour day – so $4 per day. You’d be better off working for MacDonalds.

How To Redeem Points

ZoomBucks have several ways to pay its users. If you want to redeem your points for cash then you can request it via PayPal or Bitcoin otherwise you can redeem them Giftcards. The minimum payment threshold is $3 or 3000 ZoomBucks points.

What I Liked

  • Easy to sign up and use the website.
  • A few different ways to redeem points.
  • Open to anyone to join.
  • No special skills needed.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Obviously, the amount of money you earn for the time and effort you put in.
  • Need to work long hours to make any money.
  • Customer support can be a little slow.
  • Not a good way to make an on going living.
  • Can’t turn it into a business.

Is ZoomBucks Worth The Hassle?

If you’ve got this far in the article, I guess you will have a fair idea of what I think of ZoomBucks.

Honestly, in my opinion, ZoomBucks is NOT worth the time and effort.

The amount of time required to make anything substantial is too high for very low pay.

There are much better online opportunities available online that you can invest time and effort into that will pay huge dividends in the future.

ZoomBucks Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contact ZoomBucks Customer Service?

Fill in a support ticket on the ZoomBucks site, but some users have experienced slow responses, so be prepared for a short wait.

Is ZoomBucks Free?

Yes, the ZoomBucks platform is free to join and use.

Can You Fill ZoomBucks Surveys with Mobile App?

ZoomBucks will run nicely on a mobile device, and it’s pretty easy to navigate on a smaller screen. There is no dedicated app; users access the ZoomBucks website and complete their assigned tasks there. Some survey routers work less well on a mobile device, and you may need to zoom in and out from time to time.