What is EPC in Affiliate Marketing?

What is EPC? EPC stands for “earnings per click.” Earnings per click is how much money that an affiliate earns from commissions on sales of the product. Every time someone clicks on the affiliate link on an affiliate product page and purchases that item, that affiliate receives a certain percentage of the sale price as commission.

what is epc in affiliate marketing


The problem is that not everyone clicks the affiliate links, and many buyers end up after spending a few moments on the site. Some buyers may be lead by curiosity or emotion to leave the site, which diminishes the earnings per click. Others are just not very patient to wait on the payment button. These visitors don’t purchase the products they initially targeted but will click after several visits, if it is offered. To offset this effect, more traffic can be brought in to increase the amount of revenue earned.


This is where the concept of earning per sale and earning recurring revenue for sales comes in. If visitors do not click through to purchase the items, the affiliate has no earnings. If they do purchase products, then the affiliate is credited with an amount based on the total earnings per sale. Many affiliates offer their customers this option. They agree to receive an amount, sometimes a very substantial amount, for each individual sale.


An important part of EPC in affiliate marketing programs is an enhanced version of the sales page. Most affiliate marketers make their money with pay per click programs and other pay per impression programs. The sales page is the point where visitors go to purchase the affiliate product, and if that product is not converted at least one time by the visitor, that visitor becomes a loss to the merchant.


The sales page needs to be very enticing to increase the chances of visitors converting and purchasing from the site. It must provide a reason for the visitor to visit the site and convert into a customer. That reason may be based on the products available or some special feature that the site offers. Another aspect of the sales page is the call to action, or the incentive to click on the link and proceed to purchase. This again ties in to the incentives offered to the visitor at the top of the page. This part of the sales page is also important because without those visitors, there would be no revenue coming in to offset the cost of the affiliate programs.


It is easy to see how EPC in affiliate marketing programs tie into the earning per click model of earning money through affiliate commissions. With a pay per click campaign, the merchant has to pay for the visitors who click on the links on his or her website. Those visitors are then sent to an affiliate sales page, and the affiliate marketer’s commission is based on the amount of those sales. When EPC’s are used in conjunction with pay per click campaigns, the amount of income earned by the affiliate marketers can be significantly increased.


In addition to the benefits of having an EPC in an affiliate marketing program, another great benefit is that it allows affiliate marketers to be extremely flexible in their business model. They can easily create different versions of the pay per click version of their campaign, or they can choose to maintain separate pay per click and EPC accounts. They can even use different variations of one campaign to run several different ads for each product or service they offer. It allows affiliate marketers to take advantage of different markets and to successfully leverage their traffic.


By offering an EPC, or affiliate per click, it gives affiliates the opportunity to test market different versions of their ads and track their performance. This is an important part of becoming a highly successful Internet marketer, since it enables you to determine which ad version is more effective at generating revenues. Not only does this allow you to better optimize your pay per clicks and your overall conversion rates, but it also allows you to better target the audience that will most likely make a purchase from your product. You’ll also be able to greatly increase your earnings per click by increasing the number of click-throughs that your campaign generates.